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PCM – The Next Generation Of Performance

Nautique customers demand the “best in class” boat and that means power from an engine that utilizes the latest technology and delivers outstanding performance and incomparable reliability. For nearly half a century, PCM has delivered the engines to satisfy that demand. PCM’s serious, obsessive – borderline fanatical – approach and philosophy to building engines that outperform the competition in every way is embodied in the portfolio of engines and features available to every Nautique customer. PCM is committed to the idea that every component, piece, and part of the engine contributes to the overall performance. No other boat and engine manufacturer can offer you the combined confidence for high quality performance whether your desire is to waterski, wakeboard, wakesurf, wakeskate, or just spend quality family time on a Nautique.

PCM presents an innovative lineup of towsport engines utilizing the latest engine technologies, including 100% Fresh Water Cooling and Direct Injection, of which PCM was the first to introduce to the inboard towsports industry. PCM’s newest portfolio of engines has raised the “best in class” benchmark in towed water sports by delivering more torque, more horsepower, and greater fuel efficiency than any other engine in their class.